salons, colloques et conférences

March 1st
Courtesy visit to Her Excellency Florence Zano Chideya, Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe to Canada.
December 8

More than 200 people gathered at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau to pay tribute to the militant of the human rights, Yan Christian Warinussy, a lawyer and the Director of the Institute for Research, Analysing and Development of Legal Aid, known as LP3BH of West Papua, winner of the John Humphrey Freedom Award for Freedom 2005.

Fernand Ahibo, president of Ahibo Group was invited to that promotion of human rights and democratic development by Full story on Diplomatic & International News, article No 610 of December 8, 2005.

October 14
At the Gatineau City Hall, Her Excellency Nana Aicha Foumakoye, Ambassador of Niger in Canada invited the Francophonie members and many diplomatic heads of mission to an exciting and colourful reception. The guests of honour were Mr. Yves Ducharme, Mayor of the city of Gatineau and Mr. Aboubacar Ganda, President of the Council of the urban Community of Niamey, on the occasion of the 5th Francophonie games to be held in Niger.
July 12
Egypt national Day. His Excellency Mahmoud Fahim EL-SAEED, the Ambassador hosted a celebration reception at the City Hall of Gatineau.
July 14
This event, "Tom-tom and bowl of rice for the Sahel" organized by the Ambassador of Niger in Canada, in partnership with other organizations like Partage Tiers-monde, was held at the museum of Civilizations in Gatineau.

June 8 - 9





Took part at the Ottawa Marriott hotel, to the international conference - Rights and Democracy "Implement the millennium development goals: our obligation towards the rights of the person ", organized by the International centre for human rights democratic development, an independant canadian institution created by an Act of Parliament in 1988. It promotes, advocates and defends the democratic and human rights set out in the international Bill of Human Rights.

Please read full story on Diplomatic & International News, article No 507 of June 7 2005.

May 26
Invited at the Ottawa City Hall to take part to the African Union Day celebration, organised by the African Diplomatic Corps in Canada. High ranking government officials, Ambassadors & High commissioners and businessmen were present. Please visit Africa Day website.
April 26
VII General Assembly of the Ottawa Diplomatic Association at the theatre of the National Press Club of Canada.
March 22
Was at the National Press Club and Ottawa Diplomatic Association Press Attaché's Luncheon. The Speaker was The Honourable Aileen Carroll, Minister of International Cooperation of Canada - Topic of the conference "the evolution of the role of Canada in the fight against poverty".
March 3 - 6
Attended at the the Ottawa Congress Centre to the biennial Congress 2005 of the liberal political party of Canada (party of the Prime minister of Canada). The continuation. Please read full story on Diplomatic & International News, article No 442 of march 13, 2005.
June 25
Invited by Gérard Tremblay, the Mayor of the city of Montréal to take part to the Official ceremony of Québec National Day celebration.
June 25
Talks with Jacques Parizeau, Prime minister, chairman of the executive council of Québec (september 26, 1994 to january 29, 1996) (on october 31, 1995, he announced his intention to resign as member the parliament and Prime minister of Québec. Resigned on january 29, 1996 ). Talks with photo souvenir
June 25
Talks with Bernard Landry, Prime minister of Québec ( March 8, 2001 - april 29, 2003) Member of the National Assembly( Verchères), Leader of the Official Opposition, President-designate of the Parti Québécois, March 8, 2001. Talks with photo souvenir with Mr. & Mrs Bernard Landry.
June 25
Talks with The Honourable Liza Frulla, Federal Minister of Social Development (Member of the House of Commons May 2002 and re-elected in 2004) Minister of canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for Status of Women

June 25





Talks with The Honourable Marlene Jennings, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada with special emphasis on Canada – USA relations.

Marlene Jennings was first elected to the House of Commons in 1997 and was re-elected in 2000 and 2004. Mrs. Jennings was Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology and of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

She is the first black woman from Quebec to be elected to Parliament in the history of Confederation. Talks with photo souvenir.

June 25
Talks with Gérard Tremblay, the Mayor of the city of Montréal. Talks with photo souvenir with Mr. & Mrs Gerard Tremblay.
Courtesy visit to Her Excellency Mrs.Diénébou Kaba Camara, Ambassador of Ivory Coast to Canada.
May 25
Ahibo Group showcased African countries economic achievments during African Union celebration organised by the African Diplomatic Corps in Canada at the City Hall of Ottawa, capital city of Canada.

Over 3000 guests attended this important event. The Honourable Mauril Bélanger
Deputy Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, Minister responsible for Official Languages, Minister responsible for Democratic Reform and Associate Minister of National Defence represented the Prime minister of Canada to the event.

Diplomatic corps in Canada, High ranking government officials, Canadian international development agency officials, private sector leaders were delighted to see Africa reborned of development.

May 23
Launching of the Diplomatic & international news bulletin.
May 18
Ahibo Group meets with the African Diplomatic Corps in Canada at the Embassy of the Republic of Mali in Canada.
October 10
Rose Porquet Ahibo, Vice - President of Ahibo Group is guest on the Voice of America (VOA) . She is interviewed via phone from the VOA studios in Washington DC. by Mrs. Lamia GRITLI of Voice of America.
Variety of live issues related to Ahibo Group enable VOA audience worldwide be informed of this innovative african internet gateway 's mission, activities and tremendous achievements.
The Voice of America (VOAis an international multimedia broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government. VOA broadcasts 1,000 hours of news, informational, educational, and cultural programs every week to an audience of some 96 million people worldwide. VOA programs are produced and broadcast in 44 languages through radio, satellite television, and the Internet.

June 24 / 27

Portal No1 to Africa took part to the "US-Africa Business Summit (AGOA)" organized by the Corporate Council on Africa. HE. Georges BUSH, President of United States, Senators and members of american government were among the attendees. Several Heads of states, Heads of government and business leaders from Africa also were present to this very important event.
June 1 / 3
As a member of the official delegation of the Prime Minister of Canada, Portal No1 to Africa took part to the G8 summit held in France city of Evian.
May 26
"Portal No1 to Africa" showcased Africa 53 countries economic achievments during African Union celebration organised by the African Ambassadors and High-Commissioners at the City Hall of Ottawa, capital city of Canada.
The function was attended by 600 guests : Honourable David Kilgour, Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) of the department of Foreign Affairs and International trade, the Diplomatic Corps, Senior-level Canada government officials and business leaders. All the audience got up and warmly applauded the beauty of Africa and its tremendous opportunities. The presentation contributed to positively raise the profile of Africa among the attendees.
October 10
His Excellency Philémon Yunji YANG, Dean of Diplomatic Corps accredited to Canada officially visits "Portal No1 to Africa".

September 18

Yves DUCHARME, Mayor of the city of Gatineau, the 5th most important city in Québec officially visits "Portal No1 to Africa" Moreover, Mayor DUCHARME is the President of National Board of Directors of Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
August 1
Portal No1 to Africa formed strategic alliance with Radio Canada International to provide cutting edge online news.
June 25 / 27
Invited by the Government of Canada to take part to the G8 Summit in Kananaskis, Alberta
May 8
Partner of Verisign // Networksolutions, world leader in internet Security for marketing services.
May 4 / 5
May 4
Interview of Portal No1 to Africa, President & CEO, Fernand AHIBO by Canadian TV, "CBC, Radio-Canada" parliamentary correspondant at Montreal Marriott hotel.

February 25

Partner of 'Union Nationale des Journalistes de Côte d'Ivoire (UNJCI), Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Press Association. More than 55 newspapers, radio and TV networks.
Second interview of Portal No1 to Africa, Vice - President, Rose Porquet Ahibo, by "Fraternité Matin" of Côte d'Ivoire.
April 13
Interview of Portal No1 to Africa, Vice - President, Rose Porquet Ahibo, by "Fraternité Matin" of Côte d'Voire, One of Africa oldest and most important press group. (print: 26 000 copies daily)
* Internet & Service Africa : un portail d’information sur la Côte d’Ivoire
* Mme Rose Ahibo : montrer notre continent autrement.
April 13
Portal of Côte d'Ivoire has been launched in the country (Ivory Coast) economic capital, Abidjan ( population of Abidjan :more than 3 millions - 2001 est.)

February 19




A regional office is opened in Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire to provide internet services and international development and promote G8 summit action plan and NEPAD.

Abidjan hosts west africa stock exchange office, African Development bank and 63 international organisations offices, Moreover 60 governments from all continents have embassies in Abidjan.

Many more offices worldwide are going to be opened by Portal No1 to Africa.

April 8
Ministry of Justice of Gatineau, Québec, Canada, registration for Internet & Services - Africa (ISA)
Mr. BOUTROS BOUTROS - GALI, Secretary General of Francophonie, formally, United Nations Secretary General
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